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SUGON 8650 Hot Air Rework Station smd1300W,3 Different Heating



SUGON 8650 Hot Air Rework Station 1300W,3 Different Heating Modes, Temperature 212°F-999°F,8 Air Nozzles, Air Volume 1-200,4 Temperature Memory Storage, Automatic Sleep, Nozzle Replacement Bracket
HIGH POWER: 1300W, fast heating speed, only 4 seconds to heat up to 932 F.
TEMPERATURE RANGE AND AIR VOLUME: Temperature 212 F-1022 F, but the display shows up to 999 F, actual temperature up to 1022 F, air volume 1-200.
NEW FEATURE: Hot Air Rework Station has 3 different air outlet modes, gentle, general, and rapid, each mode has a different airspeed, choose different modes according to different habits.
CONTROLLABLE HANDLE: The Hot Air Station handle has 4 temperature memory storage buttons and cold air buttons, and you can remotely adjust 4 temperature storage and cold air with just one button.
4 TEMPERATURE MEMORY STORAGE: SMD rework station is newly upgraded, adjust the appropriate temperature and air volume, long press the temperature storage button, and you can save,


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