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Download Mode Jig

Download Jig Adapter for Samsungis a tool allowing to enter download mode on a bricked phone.


  • Unbrick Samsung Galaxy S/S2/S3/S4 II/SII/SIII/SIV phones.
  • Allows access to download mode even if 3-button combo doesn`t work.
  • In case if root or flash ROM wasn`t successful, this jig will help to turn bricked/semi-bricked phone into download mode again.
Note: This jig cannot restore a phone hard bricked due to system error.


  1. Turn off your phone and pull out the battery.
  2. Just put the battery back and don’t turn it on.
  3. Plug the jig into the micro USB port on the phone.
  4. After 2 seconds you will be able to see the yellow download mode logo on the screen.
  5. Unplug the jig.
  6. Connect phone with USB cable to PC and then flash it.

Supported Models:

  • Samsung i896 Galaxy S Captivate
  • Samsung T959 Vibrant Galaxy S
  • Samsung Galaxy S Epic
  • Samsung Omnia 7
  • Samsung i9000
  • Galaxy S
  • Samsung Galaxy Nexus i515
  • Samsung Galaxy S Fascinate
  • Samsung i897 Galaxy S Captivate
  • Samsung Galaxy S 4G
  • Samsung SCH-i510 Droid Charge
  • Samsung SCH-i510 Inspiration
  • Samsung SCH-i510 Stealth
  • Samsung SCH-i510 Galaxy S Aviator
  • Samsung SCH-i510 Stealth V
  • Samsung Galaxy S Ace
  • Samsung Galaxy Prevail
  • Samsung Galaxy Blaze 4G (SGH-T769)
  • Samsung Galaxy S+ i9001
  • Samsung Galaxy Precedent
  • Samsung Impression SGH-A877
  • Samsung Infuse i997
  • Samsung Galaxy S i9003 SL
  • Samsung Galaxy S II i777
  • Samsung SPH-D710 Galaxy S II Epic 4G Touch (Sprint Model)
  • Samsung Within Samsung Galaxy S II i9100
  • Samsung Galaxy Player 5.0
  • Samsung Galaxy Nexus i9250
  • Samsung Galaxy S III GT-I9300 (download mode ONLY)
  • Samsung Continuum
  • Samsung Focus
  • Samsung Galaxy S GIO S5660

EMMC Dongle Tool (Powerful Qualcomm Tool)

EMMC Dongle is a powerful Qualcomm Tool A: EMMC Dongle Qualcomm Tool Features : 1: Read Full Factory,Unbrick (XML) Firmware In Edl Mode 2: Write Full Factory,Unbrick (XML) Firmware In Edl Mode 3: Write Huawei update ( Firmware Direct In Edl Mode Without Extract 4:Read Full Dump (UserArea) Partition In EDL Mode 5: Write Full Dump Userarea Direct in EDL (Emergency Download) Mode 6: Read Patreen Lock In EDL (Emergency Download) Mode 7:Write Full Dump Userarea Direct in EDL (Emergency Download) Mode 8:Write Full Dump (UserArea) To MICRO SDCARD for SdcardUnbrick(SD Card Unbrick Files available in the Support Area(EMMC Dongle Shell) 9:Remove FRP Lock In EDL (Emergency Download) Mode 10:Factory Reset In EDL (Emergency Download) Mode 11:BACKUP SECURITY ITEMS(For Fix Network And Unknown imei) in EDL MODE 12:ERASE SECURITY ITEMS(To make the network repairable ) in EDL MODE 13:WRITE SECURITY ITEMS(For Fix Network And Unknown imei) in EDL MODE 14:READ FULL XML FIRMWARE in ADB Mode (root required) 15:Remove All User Security (Encrypted Data) Reset Device and remove all User locks 16:HUAWEI QUALCOM READ /WRITE /ERASE  OEMINFO 17:QUALCOMM BACKUP SECURITY ITEMS(For Fix Network And Unknown imei) in ADB MODE 18:QUALCOMM ERASE SECURITY ITEMS(To make the network repairable ) in ADB MODE 19:QUALCOMM WRITE SECURITY ITEMS(For Fix Network And Unknown imei) in ADB MOD Qualcomm Soc's Supported (eMMC &UFS) Powerful Qualcomm Firehose Protocol

Fast Charger MECHANIC Icharger 8M Digital Display Fro Phone IPAD Multi-interface Overcharge Short Circuit Protection Charging

Mechanic I charger 8m fast charger with 8usb Fast Charger MECHANIC Icharge 8M Digital Display Fro Phone IPAD Multi-interface Overcharge

Flash Cable Open port 9008 EDL Cable 2


Supports all Qualcomm phones millet locks BL, BL no lock or a non-Qualcomm chip phone does not support.

How to use:
The mobile phone is turned off, press and hold the line into engineering, engineering and mobile phone line switch the power button for 5 seconds, the computer will “Ding Dong” sound, the device manager will find 9008 port;
Appear 9008 port that has successfully entered the depth of the brush model, and then use the millet brush machine tools to solve a variety of problems at once!

Main Function of Engineering line:
Can ignore the existence of BL lock, direct depth of the phone brush machine!
Engineering line can save brick:
This line is the line brush, brush machine for system software failure, if the mobile phone brick, recommended for font solution!

How to protect data to unlock:
Mobile phone to unlock the need to enter the REC mode, through the assistant to unlock, if the phone can not enter the REC mode, then can not use this cable to protect data.

4 Style for Choose:
Common Style + 2 Type-C Adapter
High with Style +2 Type-C Adapter
Type-Y Style
Big Button Style + 2 Type-C Adapter

I Transfer Cable iPhone to iPhone


MAGICO Lightning To Lightning Data Transfer Cable Data Lightning Cable Picture File Transfer Copy Data For iPhone 8-12 Pro Max

ICFRIEND 13 in 1


E-Mate X EMMC 13-in-1 Adapter is designated for direct EMMC memory chips connection with the wide range of supported BGA types.

It is compatible with all most known EMMC boxes: Riff, RIFF 2, ATF, Z3X Easy Jtag, Z3X Easy Jtag Plus, Medusa Pro.

Compatible Boxes:

  • Medusa Pro Box
  • Octoplus Pro Box
  • Z3X Easy Jtag Box
  • Z3X Easy Jtag Plus Box
  • UFi Box
  • Riff
  • Riff Box 2
  • EMMC Pro Tool
  • GPG EMMC Box
  • ATF

Compatible eMMC:

  • BGA100
  • BGA136
  • BGA153
  • BGA162
  • BGA168
  • BGA169
  • BGA186
  • BGA221
  • BGA254
  • BGA529


Package Content:

  • Main adapter- 1 pc.
  • U-Socket Adapter (Z3X Easy Jtag Plus, RIFF2, GPG EMMC, EMMC Pro) – 1 pc.
  • U-Socket Adapter (Medusa PRO) – 1 pc.
  • U-Socket Adapter (UFI) – 1 pc.
  • 8-in-1 U-Socket Adapter – 1 pc.
  • RJ45 Two-way Cable – 1 pc.
  • Flash Memory Adapter – 9 pcs.:
    • 10 × 10
    • 10.5 × 11
    • 10.5 × 13
    • 11.5 × 13
    • 12 × 12
    • 12 × 15
    • 12 × 16
    • 14 × 18
    • 15 × 15