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RELIFE Rl 035b 30ml transparent caulking glue


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The RELIFE RL-035B 30ml Transparent Glue is a high-quality adhesive designed for various applications. With a capacity of 30ml, this glue provides ample supply for your bonding needs. Its transparent formulation ensures seamless integration with the materials being joined, offering an invisible bond.

This versatile adhesive is suitable for a wide range of materials, including paper, plastic, glass, wood, fabric, and more. Whether you’re working on arts and crafts projects, repairing household items, or engaging in DIY tasks, this transparent glue is a reliable choice.

The RELIFE RL-035B 30ml Transparent Glue is easy to use, featuring a user-friendly nozzle for precise application. Its fast-drying formula allows for efficient work, saving you time and ensuring a strong, long-lasting bond.

Rest assured, this glue adheres securely, providing excellent bonding strength. Its transparent nature ensures that the adhesive doesn’t leave any unsightly residue or marks, maintaining the aesthetic appeal of your projects.

In conclusion, the RELIFE RL-035B 30ml Transparent Glue is a dependable adhesive solution suitable for a wide range of materials and applications. Its transparency, ease of use, and strong bonding capabilities make it a go-to choice for craft enthusiasts, DIYers, and professionals alike.


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