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Download Mode Jig

Download Jig Adapter for SamsungÂis a tool allowing to enter download mode on a bricked phone.


  • Unbrick Samsung Galaxy S/S2/S3/S4 II/SII/SIII/SIV phones.
  • Allows access to download mode even if 3-button combo doesn`t work.
  • In case if root or flash ROM wasn`t successful, this jig will help to turn bricked/semi-bricked phone into download mode again.
Note: This jig cannot restore a phone hard bricked due to system error.


  1. Turn off your phone and pull out the battery.
  2. Just put the battery back and don’t turn it on.
  3. Plug the jig into the micro USB port on the phone.
  4. After 2 seconds you will be able to see the yellow download mode logo on the screen.
  5. Unplug the jig.
  6. Connect phone with USB cable to PC and then flash it.

Supported Models:

  • Samsung i896 Galaxy S Captivate
  • Samsung T959 Vibrant Galaxy S
  • Samsung Galaxy S Epic
  • Samsung Omnia 7
  • Samsung i9000
  • Galaxy S
  • Samsung Galaxy Nexus i515
  • Samsung Galaxy S Fascinate
  • Samsung i897 Galaxy S Captivate
  • Samsung Galaxy S 4G
  • Samsung SCH-i510 Droid Charge
  • Samsung SCH-i510 Inspiration
  • Samsung SCH-i510 Stealth
  • Samsung SCH-i510 Galaxy S Aviator
  • Samsung SCH-i510 Stealth V
  • Samsung Galaxy S Ace
  • Samsung Galaxy Prevail
  • Samsung Galaxy Blaze 4G (SGH-T769)
  • Samsung Galaxy S+ i9001
  • Samsung Galaxy Precedent
  • Samsung Impression SGH-A877
  • Samsung Infuse i997
  • Samsung Galaxy S i9003 SL
  • Samsung Galaxy S II i777
  • Samsung SPH-D710 Galaxy S II Epic 4G Touch (Sprint Model)
  • Samsung Within Samsung Galaxy S II i9100
  • Samsung Galaxy Player 5.0
  • Samsung Galaxy Nexus i9250
  • Samsung Galaxy S III GT-I9300 (download mode ONLY)
  • Samsung Continuum
  • Samsung Focus
  • Samsung Galaxy S GIO S5660

Miracle SPD Boot Jig


Miracle Android Boot JIig v2

Miracle Android Boot JIig v2 has been developed for Chinese Android mobile phones.

When servicing Chinese Android mobile phones sometimes you need to find a boot key.

If you have a Miracle Android Boot JIig v2 you do not have to search for anything.
Just insert the device into the phone then connect it to a PC (USB cable is required) and see the miracle.

  • Simple to use
  • Easy to carry
  • No cables to malfunction
  • Nano technology